4 Ways to Have a Productive Day Off

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January 24, 2014

You know how all over Pinterest there's that quote that says something like "Beyonce has the same number of hours in the day as you do"? Yeah, this post is inspired by that. This goes out to you, Beyonce. 

So there are two kinds of days off. Number one: you wake up at 8 am, think 'ehh I should get up.' Nope, you go back to bed. Wake up at 10 or 11. Roll out of bed. Do nothing. Shower at 1. Eat leftovers for breakfast (lunch?). Proceed to watch TV/do nothing for the rest of the day. Number two: you get up early, shower right away and proceed into a Beyonce worthy day. 

Have you ever noticed that there's rarely an "in-between" kind of day off? At least in my life, I find that either I have a super productive day, or I get nothing done at all. Sometimes you need those kinds of days. But I've made it my mission to make those days on-purpose-only. 

In my quest for having a more productive Saturday (or any other day off, like this past Monday), I have basically found the secrets of the universe. And I'm going to share them with you. You are welcome.

#1: Start right. 

Okay, okay, I know it's a total buzzkill but set an alarm to wake you up in the morning. Seriously! I'm not saying you need to get up at the crack of dawn. Try eight o'clock. Even nine o'clock is better than ten or eleven. Shower immediately when you get up (if you're a morning showerer). Get dressed, even if it's yoga pants or leggings. If you act like you're getting ready for the day, then you'll end up having a day worth getting ready for.

#2: Set your goals early.

I actually like to do this in bed (mostly because I can buy myself a few more minutes in bed while pretending to be productive). But I set one big goal for the day that might take 60-90 minutes. Then I'll set three small but important goals for the day that I really want to get done today. Then I'll add on a couple other things that I want to get done, but are lower priority.

#3: Get right to "work".

Pick one of your top four items for the day and get right to work on it. Hopefully, getting up early and right to work will excite you and motivate you for at least a few hours. I've heard otherwise, especially from people who are more productive at night, but this works for me. I use an app called "Hustle" which is basically a timed to-do list. I set enough work/chores to last me about four hours on my days off. I'll put each item into my Hustle list along with how much time it should take me to do it. Then, my goal is to be done by lunch!

#4: Motivate yourself with relaxation or fun activities.

Even though we're being productive here, don't forget that this is your day off! Watch some television over lunch! Take a nap (yes!). Go shopping! Don't forget to let your day off be a time of rejuvenation. BUT, use those fun activities (or lack of activities--hello naptime!) as motivation. Get your house clean + little to-dos done so that you can really enjoy your day off. 

It seems like you could have the most relaxing day off by just skipping the to-do list altogether and watching Netflix all day, right? Well like I said, sometimes we do need those days. But I've found that the more I get done early, the more I feel I deserve my relaxation or fun time. And that means that when I choose to do fun things, I don't feel guilty and I can really enjoy my day off!

How do you have a productive day off? Do you do any of these things?

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