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October 29, 2013
Hello friends! Happy Tuesday! Or almost happy Wednesday if you live in my part of the world. Usually on Wednesdays, my thoughts tend to sound something like this: "Still three more days until the weekend."

But I'm making an attempt at being positive by telling myself that my weekdays are not something to race through or get done with, even if it seems that way sometimes (/all of the time, ever). So I'm trying to focus on the potential that my weekdays have. My weekdays generally consist of classes, homework, tutoring and if it's a good day, exercise.

Instead of "still three more days", I'm trying this:

  • I have three more days this week to ace tests.

  • I have three more days this week to help a kid hate math less.

  • I have three more days this week to make someone's day a little less stressful.

  • I have three more days this week to do something fantastic.

When I focus on it that way, I find that I'm excited for tomorrow, because I can do great things with it. I can succeed in my school work and lighten someone else's load and just generally cheer other up with my witty words and stunning good looks.

Because if we're really just living for the weekend, then we're not living for much at all.

As always, I like to remind myself that my happiness is my choice (I figure if I keep telling myself that, eventually I'll remember it). So this is my new iPhone background. I invite you to use it as yours or share it however you want. Just click on the iPhone to download.

And nowwww, I want to try something new. Last week, I posted about science for the first time (not counting Marie Curie). I was really nervous about it, since it's not really a "blog-friendly" topic, if you will. But I got a lot of good feedback--lots of people said they loved it even if they didn't love science. And they loved that I was posting something that I wanted to, just because it's me. And I do want my blog to be "for me", as I think all lifestyle bloggers do. But I also want it to be read.

So I'm testing out a new idea to kind of integrate science into other posts. I will still have regular science posts (I think), but infrequently. Instead, I'll add a paragraph or two at the bottom of regular posts about science, whether it's something I've learned recently, something in the news or a video. I hope you'll find these little science bits interesting but not overwhelming if you're not into it! As always, please let me know how you like it.
Science Bit of the Day

The other day I heard a fascinating story on NPR about a neuroscientist named James Fallon who had studied the brains of psychopaths for many years. At a family dinner, Fallon's mom mentioned that he should look into his dad's family history. So he did, only to find that his own lineage was full of murderers and other criminals. He convinced his family to undergo PET brain scans so he could compare their brain activities to those of psychopaths. He found that all of their brains were normal (aka they weren't serial killers) but found a terrifying discovery within his own brain. Want to find out? Listen or read the story here.
8 comments on "living for the weekdays + free wallpaper + something new"
  1. That's such an interesting -and scary!- story. What would you do if you found out something like that? To be honest, even the thought terrifies me. I have no idea how I could live after such a discovery.

  2. That science bit is interesting! I love learning new things. Whoa scary to find that your own brain and DNA makes you a born killer.

  3. Allie, I really love this switch in perspective. Especially:
    I have three more days this week to do something fantastic.
    So awesome!

  4. I love that you included a science bit of the day. I just read the story - very interesting! There will always be the nature verse nurture argument I think.

  5. I know right?! Like it's fascinating but really dark at the same time because who knows what secrets are inside our heads.

  6. Oh yes. I think that's what's really interesting. Thanks for reading!

  7. For real. But I think it's super important to note what he said about the impact of a childhood. Like all of us (to some extent) have the potential for good or bad within us and a lot of it depends on how people treat us.


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