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November 10, 2013

Hello nuggets! First off, can we just admire this picture (source)? Look at the purple in those clouds! Gorgeous. Secondly, I hope your weekend has been full of good food and fun! I had one of the best weekends I've had in a long time. It included winning a soccer game, lots of design, some really good deep talks with H and actually being productive for once.

Last week (aka like three weeks ago), I made a goal to come up with ten new ideas for blog posts. Well, ladies + gents, I'm just a blog brainstorming bombshell because I actually came up with twenty-six new ideas. That's right. Granted they're not all really solid ideas, but there's six or seven posts that I'm really excited for. So now you have a reason to stick around (well, and my lovely face)!

I didn't use my gratitude journal at all, but I feel like I've been doing better about keeping schoolwork in perspective. Oh, I'll still complain; I'll find something worth complaining about in anything if you give me enough time. But I'm grateful for the work, really, I am.

This coming week, I will watch a TEDTalk every day. I did this a few months ago and it was really, really a lovely goal. I loved sharing my favorites with you at the end of the week + I think you all enjoyed it as well. So I'll plan to do that this week again. Do any of you watch TEDTalks? Care to make some recommendations?
Science Bit of the Day

WARNING! Don't click on this if you get grossed out easily, because it's sorta nasty. But for real, grow a pair and click on it, because it's super cool. I just had to warn you. Anyways, I saw this article about a week ago about a shortfin mako shark that got caught in New York (on accident). Two tapeworm taxonomists took the shark + dissected it to look for parasites. What they found is super gross (aka stop reading now, you pansies). They found that two anguilliform fish (aka eels) that normally live out in open water, had just been chilling out in the shark's heart. While it was still alive. Yeah, I know, nasty. But kinda freaky awesome too. You should go look at the picture and congratulate yourself for being a strong-willed human being.
14 comments on "weekly wishes + tedtalks + shark hearts"
  1. I love that you include the science bits at the bottom of your posts. It's a look straight in to something you're passionate about, and the more I feel like the blogger is being real, the more I want to read their blog. So thanks. :)

  2. Hey name twin! LOVE YOUR PICTURE! Where did you take it? So glad you had a nice weekend. Also, I think your goal to watch ted talks is great. I try to watch one while I work out at the gym or listen to some NPR. More than informative, they really help keep you motivated and thinking. I love seeing how innovative people can be when faced with a problem. They're all so good, I can't even imagine making a single recommendation. The list would bed daunting. Anyhow, hope you have a great week! Warm weekly wishes hugs.

  3. Your disclaimer made me SO nervous to click the link haha

    I'm super pumped to enjoy all 26 of these ideas for posts which I'm sure are as amazing as you are!! Have a great Monday :)

  4. That is so great that you're going to be watching a TEDxTalk a day!! Make sure you post your favorites :) They are usually so interesting and I love the passion that the speakers have behind their topics.

  5. I tried to make it a goal to watch ted talks once a week. Last month, I think I only made it to two. They are really inspiring though. :) I'm gonna have to go watch your favorites.

  6. Good idea of watching those ted talks, definitely putting it on my to do list. And I clicked the link and wasn't completey grossed out LOL thanks for sharing, it was actually really interesting!

    Have a great week!

  7. Haha good, I'm glad! I'm not too squeamish when it comes to things like that so I'm glad I could share it! :)

  8. That's a great ongoing goal! The app makes it really easy--I just watch one after I get in bed at night. I love the Inspire Me feature where you give it an adjective and a time limit and it makes you a playlist.

  9. Ahahah I'm sorry Amber! I just had to make sure everyone knew what they were getting into!! And thank you for the support!

  10. I for sure will! I'd love to go see one of the conferences someday--so many innovative, exciting people!

  11. Well heyy name twinnie! And oh I so did not take that, some professional dude did (sourced in the paragraph below it). Yeah, homegirl struggles even with the iPhone camera.

    And I LOVE me some NPR--This American Life? Golden.

    Looks like we're twins in more than names!

  12. Aww thanks you Stacia! That's really kind of you. It was definitely a decision I struggled with, because I didn't think anyone would want to read them. But surprisingly, I've gotten a lot of good feedback! And it makes me happy to share something I'm passionate for and that's good enough for me. :)

  13. I didn't know there was an app! getting it right now! :)

  14. I love the idea of watching a TED talk a day! One of my favorites is Brene Brown's talk (oh cliche) on vulnerability. I'd love to hear which ones end up being your favorites after a week straight.


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