4 Simple Goals (Before 2014!)

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November 12, 2013

Hello dears! It's been a day of highs and lows. Classes were less than great today but I met my supervisor for my internship (with my town's Storm Water Services) + we planned out my time there + different projects I'll be working on. I'm most excited for a toxicology project we're planning on a local stream that involves collecting algae + bugs + identifying them under microscopes. AHH microscopy!! Macroinvertebrate testing! So much exciting!!

....and I lost you all. ANYWAYS. Point is, that was super exciting for me. For real, I want this internship to start like yesterday. What's been exciting for you today?!

Shifting gears (sorry, I'm incapable of making non-awkward segues), I want share some goals of mine. If you've been around here long enough, you know I'm like beyond analytical. If you looked it up in the dictionary, it would just be a whole page picture of me. I mean, I'm the girl that plans out my day to the minute. So of course, goals are totally up my allie (...see what I did there?). SO, since I already make weekly goals all the time, I had to come up with a new idea. How about goals for now until the end of the year?!

Disclaimer--yeah, I didn't come up with this. These girls did.

1. Exercise twice a week, consistently. I know this is the less than the recommended amount and all, but let's face it, I've got stuff to do + I just can't commit to much more. That said, I'll aim for 3-4, but let's be realistic.

2. Do something good for myself everyday. As long as I go out of my way to do it, it counts. Eating fruit for dessert instead of that glorious key lime pie in my freezer, going for a run, doing yoga, spending time outside--all count!

3. Journal 5+ days a week. I'm really just going to set the bar obscenely low and challenge myself to a sentence a day. Like I said, let's be realistic.

4. Love myself. It's just not happening enough lately. And let's be honest, I'm one rocking female, so it needs to be happening.

What are your goals for the rest of the year?
9 comments on "4 Simple Goals (Before 2014!)"
  1. Congrats on the internship! It does sound exciting. I hope you keep us posted ;)

    Also, I love the idea of setting small, realistic goals for what's left of the year. I've been thinking about it but then decided it wasn't worth it for only a month and a half. That said, when I moved back I did set some broad goals to be achieved "in the following weeks or months"... Yeah, broad.

  2. Exercising 2 days a week and sticking with it is a perfect foundation to build off of. It will be habit forming and it's better for you than not exercising. Good goals!

  3. Your goals are great and look balanced with your life! :) I've been exercising only 2 days a week for years now. I tried doing it 3-4 days but it ended up stressing me out because it took time from other things I also wanted to do.

    Keep us posted! :)

  4. I think the only goals I've ever met after setting them was creating content online. I have terrible memory so long-term goals are horrible for me. But stuff like VEDA/BEDA (Blog or Vlog Every Day in August) really suit me and motivate me to do great things regularly. :) I love the idea of writing at least a line every day in your journal though. I may try that! It's been a while since I've journaled regularly.

    Good luck with your goals!
    -Mo, ollivandermo.com

  5. I have some goals, not sure they will get done by the end of the year. One of them I've been working on pretty heavily is blog improvement. After a year of blogging I think I finally have the hang of things so it's time to take it up a notch.

    I also want to get a gallery wall with all my summer beach pictures done and really get my work from home office space comfortable enough to work in 8 hours every single day.

  6. I love that you created simple, yet effective goals! And that's awesome that you're so excited for your internship!! I hope it brings you as much joy as it seems to now :)

  7. Exercising is definitely on my list of goals to get back into for the new year! love your list - I think journaling would be cool too..definitely something to look into

    Miche from Buttons and Birdcages

  8. Totally agree with you on the exercising front. I really need to do that more often. Also the eating better thing... That I must do. I'm also going to try and stay on top of my uni work - cause that ain't happenin' lately.

  9. Love this, Allie, especially "Do something good for myself everyday." That is such a great mantra that I am totally going to adopt!


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