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September 09, 2015

If y'all read anything from Christian bloggers or are active on Twitter, you may have already heard of an app and a blog called She Reads Truth, or SRT. I've just begun using the app in the last few months + it's made such a difference in my life that I wanted to share it with any of you who are believers.

There are a couple parts to the app. There's simply a Bible, where you can flip through all of the books and chapters. You can also choose between translations! I know I like to read in the ESV and then flip over to the Message for a little different take on the same words. While you read, it's really easy to add a note to a passage or bookmark it for the future. Both are saved in the bookmarks section. How handy!

But my absolute favorite part of the app is the Bible reading plans. Some are free (i.e. the Bible in a Year, Hymns series, etc) and some are paid, but at a very nominal fee. From what I can tell, most paid plans are $2 and a few are more when they last longer than a month. But think about it--any devotional book would be much more than $2! I think it's well worth the investment if you find one that interests you.

But for each reading plan, you'll be assigned a passage to read daily. In addition, there's also a section for anyone in the same reading plan to leave their comments and discuss what they learned from the passage. This is especially helpful to me these days. I'm doing the Bible in a Year plan and right now I'm in Isaiah. Let me tell you...Isaiah gets a little bleak and sometimes it's easier to apply it when you see how someone else interpreted the same Scriptures.

I also especially love how you can easily check off days or go back to catch up on any days you've missed. It makes it much easier for me not to give up entirely every day I miss a day! And there's a handy indicator at the top that will let you know what percentage of the plan you've finished. It's so satisfying to see that number rise!

I really love this app because it lays out a simple and totally-doable plan for me to spend time in God's Word daily, which is great for us believers who are trying to stay focused on a lot of things in a really busy world. 

Have you tried the app? How do you spend your quiet time?

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