Catching My Eye 09.

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July 31, 2013
Would you make me very very happy and take my survey? I promise, it's super short, 9 questions. And most of the questions are multiple choice, a few you have to fill in a word. I will love you forever! 

The best of the interwebs:

(This is probs NSFW...but it's effin hilarious.)

♥I'm working on the 30 Day Arm Challenge with Claire from DaisyBisley. I love feeling stronger!

♥This slightly depressing article shows that I'm about as smart as an eighth grader in 1912.

♥I love this cool Kickstarter campaign for laboratory glasses made into tableware.

The Wine Glass

♥Think your life is tough? Here are 23 easy fixes to first world problems.

♥If anyone wants to give me $60, I'd love this studded Stella & Dot bracelet.

♥Michelle reviews a subscription box of gourmet food!

♥This is so freaky cool! A photographer spliced pictures of family members together and shows how cool genetics are.

Ulric Collette - FullyM1

Make graffiti with moss!

♥You might have missed: Funky Mood? Not for Long Weekly Wishes #8 ♥ Choices + free iPhone backgrounds Sponsor CMS in July/August.

What have you been loving this week? Which of these links did you think was the coolest?
6 comments on "Catching My Eye 09."
  1. I really wish I hadn't read that article about the 8th grader intelligence business. Gonna go read a book or something now.

  2. That video is so freaking funny!!

  3. I know!!! Maybe not appropriate but who cares. I got a good giggle out of that.

  4. I loved that video!! So cool :)
    And the photographer who spliced family members together...I've seen that before, and I'm always so amazed by it!
    <3 Kiersten

  5. Me too! I'm the kind of person that can never see family resemblances so it was quite surprising! Fascinating stuff.


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