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June 27, 2014
Fonts make me so happy. Honestly, finding a good quality font just makes my heart wiggle with joy. And getting fonts for free is even better! I'm a super stingy person sometimes, I'll admit, and I hate paying for things if I don't have to. So I rarely buy any fonts (with the exception of anything Emily Lime. Homegirl's got it going on.). 

So I decided to do y'all a huge, magnificent favor (you're welcome) and share my secrets for finding the best, high-quality free fonts. 

#1: DaFont.

Okay, not a secret. And I'll admit, there are a lot of really crappy fonts that you won't ever EVER need, unless you're having a Western themed quincenera in Las Vegas. But Dafont still is probably the largest site for exclusively free fonts that I know of and the category options on top make it (sort of) easy to sort through. They also have a really great collection of dingbats, which are fun to practice your PS clipping masks on. My favorites: Alpaca (sans serif), Geo Sans Light (my 2nd fave sans serif in the world), Trees TFB (a dingbat font of, you guessed it, trees).

#2: Behance.

Behance is largely paid design, but has a decent collection of free font families or a free weight or two to try out a font. These fonts are generally clean but unique so they'd make a great header. As a matter of fact, the main font in my header is from Behance. Isn't it fun? My faves: Simplifica (tall sans serif), Odin Rounded, and just for fun, Infinity Space Icons.

#3: Dribbble.

Again, largely paid, but a simple google search offers a list of fonts tagged as free. Lots of talented designers develop fonts here and then offer a couple weights for free. My favorites: Uni Sans, Anke Sans and Composition.

#4: FontSquirrel.

They call themselves the "Free Font Utopia" and I just might agree. My favorite part about Font Squirrel is that all of their (free!) fonts are also free for commercial use! This is especially helpful for all y'all designers so you don't have to worry about buying extra licensing. Plus, they have a thorough tagging system that makes it easy to find what you need. Yay! My favorites: Sophia Pro, Grand Hotel, and League Script.

#5-10: Random Places!

Individual designers' portfolios or collections often offer extra free font options. Here are a couple I like:

Where do you find free fonts?
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