Playlist #26: Rockabilly Party

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June 18, 2014
So if you've been reading this blog awhile/follow along with my playlists, you know I go through music phases, like periods of time where I'm obsessed with a certain kind of music. Sometimes...they're a little bit weird. Remember the Spanish rap phase? What about the Elvis phase? Anyone remember the electro-swing phase (that was fun)?

So yes, in case you're totally dense and haven't figured it out, I've got a new one: rockabilly. When I first stumbled upon a rockabilly playlist on 8tracks, I immediately thought of this SNL spoof commercial. So yeah, it's a little bit of a weird genre to be into. But in case you don't really know what rockabilly is, it's basically rock and roll meets country (or 'hillbilly'). Or just think of it as Elvis and Johnny Cash's love child.

Think I'm weird yet? (Rhetorical question.) Go give it a listen.

What music have you been listening to?

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