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November 21, 2014

This week, I've had three GREAT pieces of news. First off, last week I mentioned that I've decided to get a French minor + I took a placement test to see how much (if any!) French I remembered. Turns out, I scored well enough to skip 10 credits of French! Which, at least at my school, is two or three courses. So that's awesome. 

Second, I got a research position! I had to interview a professor for a class project + at the end we were chatting about the work that he does and he offered me a position! It's in the plant pathology department and I'll largely be working on a fungus called Sclerotinia sclerotiorum (I linked to a picture in case you're interested!). So that's a big deal for me! 

And last, I recently auditioned for a course in fitness instruction at my school, and was accepted! We auditioned in a practical doing different group fitness routines and an interview and they ended up accepting only about twenty out of ninety five applicants! Basically, this means I get to go through the training process and then work as a group fitness instructor at our gyms (think kickboxing, yoga, conditioning). 

So I've had a pretty lovely week. How about yours?

Delicious natural home scents (citrus basil? yes please!).
A guide to Reykjavik (I've always wanted to go to Iceland!)
+ How technology is sabotaging your sleep (even though you already know)

I'm really just counting down the days until Christmas music is acceptable (seven days!!!) so this is the last bit of normal music. This Christmas I'm planning on expanding to different "genres" within Christmas music. I've always loved 50s Christmas music but I'm gonna look around for some other genres. If you know of any cool Christmas songs, let me know!!

But what have I been listening to in the meantime? The Frozen soundtrack. Freaking over and over. It's wonderful. And NO it is not Christmas music. Gosh. 

Anyways, you can listen to it on Spotify here

In case you ever doubted that food can be art, look around the @julieskitchen instagram!

This week, I'm repeating my goal from last week because it's a good habit I need to work on--being proactive about schoolwork. I'm fairly good about not procrastinating but I feel even better when I start thing early and am on top of things. Over Thanksgiving this week, I plan to squeeze in some time to get ready for finals. They'll be here before I know it! What are your goals for the week?

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