Weekly Goals #39

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August 18, 2014
(Death to the Stock Photo)
The big week is here! I've tried to keep it on the down-low a little bit, because sometimes it's weird to be below the average blogger age, but this week I'm moving to Florida for college! Obviously, that's super exciting and brings its own set of concerns and expectations--I can hardly think about anything else!

So naturally, this week's goals are allll about college. But first, let me recap my goals that I made for August.

August Goals Update:

+ Stretch myself for school, socially. School hasn't started yet so I haven't reeeeally done this, but I've been chatting with some people so I can hopefully jump right in!

+ Finish all design projects before move-in. I'm close but definitely not done. I finished one design (Salt and Sweet Sugar--to be featured soon!) but I still have one with a little bit of work left. But, we've nailed down the real mood of the design + the rest should be easy peasy! I plan to take the first month of school off from design, but if you would like to book a spot for a Blogger design starting towards the end of September, email me!

This Week's Goals:

+ Go out of my way to introduce myself to new people. I usually totally suck at this + just wait for people to approach me, but I'm gonna get out of that stupid comfort zone and say hi to everyone! 

+ Find at least one organization/activity/thing to be involved in. It doesn't have to be a super long-term thing but I at least want to go to events and such this week.

+ Remember to blog! I know it's silly to blog about remembering to blog but I'm sure I'll be busy + I want to put it on paper (/the internet) that I'll still be blogging this week!

What are your goals this week? Any advice for college students?

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