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September 10, 2014
Hey y'all! Happy Wednesday. If you've had a sucky week, know that it's half over already! If you're having a great week, you've still got half of it left! My week (well, weeks actually) hasn't been sucky, but it's been relentlessly busy. And the funny thing about blogging is that as much as I love it, it is so hard to find time to blog after you've taken a few days off (like I did last week). Maybe it's just me, but all of a sudden, I'm having to remind myself that blogging is a thing that I do, whereas I used to go straight to my blog every chance I got. 

Anyways, I'm easing my way back in with some fun, short posts--like this one! I always love sharing my favorite links and these are my favorite posts to read anyways! 

+ I can sooo identify with this article about keeping thank you notes from being outdated. I'm a big thank you note fan + will always be. 

+ The Hand Drawn Love series on DesignLoveFest inspires me so much to work on my handlettering. Plus, I love how the artist (Maddie Nye in this one) always takes into account the mood and colors of a photo to inspire words.

+ In my Bible study group the other day, we were talking about putting down our phones and intentionally connecting with the people around us in different ways, from conversations to smiles to eye contact. I loved this idea and it made me think of this post from Gina Alyse on how to successfully complete a phone fast.

+ Memobottles are water bottles that are flat, like the shape of a book. I'm so tired of stuffing a water bottle in a bag and having it not quite fit what a genius idea! Seriously, I want one.

+ One of my favorite articles to reference: compliments that aren't about physical appearance. Just think how you'd feel if someone told you, "I wish more people were like you."

+ I love everything that Corina from Cocorrinna designs, but I really love this new bold, chic brand she made for the Transatlantic.

+ And just because I miss home-cooked food, here are a lot of pictures of delicious appetizers from Chelsea at Sea, Field and Tribe.

I hope y'all have a fantastic rest of the week! :) What are some of your favorite blog posts these days?

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