How Do You Prioritize Your Time?

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September 13, 2014

"You can't commit to anything because you're committing yourself to everything."

Someone told me that a few days ago. She wasn't talking specifically about me, but about people as a whole, especially the Millennial generation. In my small group, we were all complaining that we never have time to call our families or really listen to our friends because there are always events to go to and homework to be completed and exams to study for.

And we were right. We really didn't have time. But so was our leader. As we talked about our days and weeks, I realized that the reason I have to say, "I don't have time for that," isn't really because I don't have time, it's because I don't make it a priority.

This really hit home with me. I don't know about you, but I love complaining about being busy. Seriously, when I'm busy and manage to go to a social event or get to the gym, I look like wonderwoman. But if something pops up that I don't want to do, no worries, "I'm busy."

But when you find yourself too busy to do good things that you should be doing, like I did this week, take a moment to reconsider what you're spending your time on + look at the choices you've made that are making other choices for you.

+ I wanted more time to spend working out and journaling. I realized that I spend at least an hour a day on Netflix or facebook. Now I watch Netflix on the stairstepper and block facebook for most of the day.

+ I wanted to meet more people. Instead of listening to music through headphones on the bus, I looked around, saw an acquaintance and made conversation until my stop.

+ Now, I realize that I want to spend more time on my blog and practicing my creative hobbies (lettering/cross stitching). Throughout the next few weeks, I'll be looking for things to cut out that I don't really want in my life and replace them with the things I do.

It's your life + your time + you are the only one responsible for filling it. If you're looking for more time in your day, consider cutting out TV, unproductive social media, unfocused time, and even unproductive relationships. Because really, how much more fun would life be if we all got to read more blogs and do what we like without worrying about what's going on on Facebook? A lot, that's how much.

What things don't you have time for that you wish you did? What things do you make time for that you don't need to?

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