It's Time to Take a Break

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September 18, 2014
Well I guess the title pretty much says everything. 

But still, it's pretty ironic how my last post was telling you how I'm changing around my schedule + fine-tuning my days to make time for my priorities. But the really funny part is that I've found out that blogging...isn't. At least right now. 

We're all busy. There's nothing especially good or bad about that, it just means that we have to make choices on a daily basis what matters enough to warrant our time and what doesn't. 

So this is just to say that right now, blogging is not how I am choosing to spend my time. I love blogging. I love connecting with my readers. But when I blog on a restricted time-budget, I spread myself too thin + I end up throwing out mediocre posts riddled with grammar mistakes to you. And I respect myself, this blog and the process too much to do that.

I will be back. Soon. 

Please don't leave. Leave me in your feed...I'll show up again soon. It may be a week; it may be a month. But I can't wait for that day. 

I'll be making a (better) effort to comment + connect with all of you. If you're not a blogger, feel free to comment or email me at so we can keep in touch during this time. 

I'll see you all soon (figuratively, on the internet)!

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