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January 16, 2015

This week was...nice! Just uneventful. I'm getting into the swing of classes + work is beginning to pick up but not so much that I feel like I'm drowning. I always like the first few weeks of the semester because I get to meet new professors and kids in my classes + that means new friends! 

Today, I'm especially excited because I'm surprising my grandma with a visit for the weekend! My grandma is this cute little, surprisingly feisty and funny German lady and she's kind of my favorite thing in the world. I just saw her a few weeks ago for Christmas but I miss her already. I had been expecting to spend the long weekend all by my lonesome since my roommate and approximately all of my friends live close enough to go home for the weekend. So I'm excited that I get to hang out with my grandma!

Buuuut, today I'm not so excited because I have a French exam. Probably while you're reading this. That's not fun.
+ 4 affordable brush fonts from Forth & Wild
+ 10 stupid simple ways to save money on groceries from poverty luxe.
+ I use this linen pattern photoshop tutorial all the time in my design.
+ A productivity playlist from Strange & Charmed
+ The foolproof way to learn to code from Allyssa Barnes
+ Yoga poses to undo a day spent at your desk.

I recently saw that an artist that I love named Kim Janssen was featured on a sort of radio show of live music filmed in Amsterdam, appropriately titled Amsterdam Acoustics. I found a series of videos on Youtube + I've started listening to them as the background to basically everything in my life. It tends to make for really good background music for work. Have yourself a listen!

Last week, my goals were to finish one of my design projects (done!) and work on being more intentional with my time. Seriously though, that last one is something that I'll never quite achieve, but I can always work towards. I'll admit that I watched a lot of Netflix and chilled out a lot, but for once, I feel like I didn't do it at the expense of my schoolwork and exercise. Only thing was I didn't get to bed quite early enough this week and I was dog tired when I had to get up for my early morning classes. This week, my goal is to get to sleep at my goal times so that I can actually be awake during my 8 am genetics class. 

What are your goals for the week? Share a favorite post y'all!!

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