January Goals

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January 12, 2015

Instead of making resolutions for the whole year, I'm really focusing on monthly goals. Here's what I'm planning on the rest of this month!

+ Begin a hand-lettering course. I've been eyeing a few around skillshare but I wanted to wait until I got into the swing of my semester before I started it. I'm not positive I'll be ready to start by the end of the month, but I'll be working on it!

+ Read one book start-to-finish in January. I'm still working on finishing up Orange is the New Black but I plan to completely read a book in January. It is wayyy too easy to tell myself I don't have time to read, but let's be real, I totally do if I could just get my butt off facebook. I have a new Agatha Christie book + I'm thinking that's the one.

+ Visit the Museum of Natural History. Seriously, it's right on campus (like right next to my gym and one of my classes) and totally free for me but I've never ever been. I can't believe it! There was a cool exhibit about sharks in December and I kept telling myself I was going to go, but never did, and now the exhibit is gone. This month, I'm committing to visit.

+ Write a guest post! I'm trying to be intentional about connecting with other bloggers, not just hiding in my own little blog corner. 

+ Get a routine down to help me manage the semester! This semester, along with normal classes, I'll be designing (more info), working on my independent research problem (yay fungus!) and working on my certification to teach group fitness classes. It's gonna be crazy busy + I'm so excited...but I know having set routines will be a huge step to making sure I don't go insane.

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