March Goals

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March 03, 2015

Hello lovelies! I've missed you! I know it's only been a couple of days, but it's weird for me not to sit down and interact with y'all in the comments or on Twitter for more than a day or two. I was finishing up life at school and coming home for my spring break (YES). I don't have much planned for this week, so I hope to talk with y'all some! (Tweet at me or leave a comment!)

Semi-related, before we get onto the whole goal part of this post: I'm looking to get a bit more involved in the blog community and part of that is I'd love to switch blogs with one of you for a day. If you blog about positivity, productivity, wellness, design or anything like that, talk to me and we can maybe swap guest posts. Sound good?

Last Month's Goals:

1. Take a 3-day TV fast. Done. I'm not sure I really learned much from this, as much as I wish I could say it transformed my life or something equally inspiring. I just enjoy TV and I think in balance, it's totally fine! That said--I am focusing on balance! There's no need to watch more TV if I haven't done my schoolwork or exercised enough.

2. Go to office hours. Maybe I should just admit that this is never going to happen? 

3. Form a workout routine. Somewhat done! I did sort of get into a routine outside of my regular fitness classes but now I'm home so it's not quite the same. Still a success.

This Month's Goals:

1. Explore Secret Project #1. I'm so sorry to be that annoying blogger who talks about a secret project without saying what it is. Honestly, it doesn't even have much to do with this blog, but I'm keeping it a little bit private because I have no idea if it's an idea that's really going to stick. 

2. Find my methods and motivations for healthy eating. If there's one thing I'm good at, it's motivating myself to exercise regularly. But I'm not so great at eating well. Part of this just naturally comes with being on a meal plan--sometimes I walk into the dining hall and the only veggies are the same ones on the salad bar that I've eaten for the last five lunches. Sooo I eat pizza. Help a girl out--how do you make sure to eat healthy (especially if you don't naturally enjoy healthy food)?

3. Continue reading (at least 1-2 books a month). I'm currently on Book #3 of 2015 (The Stranger Beside Me by Ann Rule) and I think that The Good Nurse is next. If you're interested, you can keep up with my booklist on Goodreads or give me recommendations!

What are your goals for the month of March?

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