10 Activities to Do By Yourself

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March 10, 2015

I've always liked being by myself--I'm a textbook introvert. I love being with friends but I loooveee soaking in some good Allie time. I've always been like that. When I was younger, growing up in Minnesota, I spent most of my days playing in the forest where we lived--cutting down small trees to build forts or teepees or collecting leaves to press. I never realized it so much at the time, but I really liked the alone time as much as I liked being outdoors.

Last week, I was alone at my house for spring break. None of my friends were in town for the week so literally, I was alone. After a day or so, it felt surprisingly uncomfortable. It felt weird not even having the option of being with a friend. 

To combat this weird lonely feeling and get back to that Allie time that I love, I made a list of activities that are super fun to do by yourself.

  • Learn a new hobby or practice an old one. I practiced lots of calligraphy and hand-lettering this weekend!
  • Visit a tourist attraction in your town.
  • Go to the library or a bookstore and peruse books.
  • Play around with your makeup! There's no one to stumble in and be weirded out by your attempt at a smokey eye that makes you look more like a human raccoon.
  • Drive somewhere in town, and just walk, observing where you are.
  • Exercise, in whatever way you like! (I may or may not have danced around the house a bit...)
  • Treat yourself to lunch at a nice restaurant! Bring a book or something to do so you're not just on your phone.
  • Have a spa day, either at home or out at a spa. Treat yo self. I like doing those little face mask packets because it's always awkward to have to talk to roommates or family with blue gunk all over your face.
  • Go thrifting or to a consignment shop.
  • And of course, binge-watch Netflix. It's okay. I give you permission just this once.
What do you like to do by yourself?

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